ExecFuel™ 6-week Program

taught by Karen Aroney
  • 22 Videos
  • 6 Quizzes
  • 20 Texts
  • 4 PDFs

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Course description

The 6-week ExecFuel™ online program empowers busy executives to feel energized, achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, in a practical step-by-step program.

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Karen Aroney
Karen Aroney
ExecFuel™ Founder

ExecFuel™ was founded by Karen Aroney; an accredited nutritionist whose belief is “Eat Great. Work Great. Feel Great!” This encompasses the ExecFuel™ philosophy about health (and life).

ExecFuel is the 6-week online program that empowers busy executives to feel energized by achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Karen specializes in tailored nutrition coaching for time-poor executives and professionals who travel excessively, work long hours, and do not have fixed routines. Many of these clients suffer from obesity, hypertension, prediabetes and high cholesterol.

We understand the difficulty you may face trying to create a healthy balance between food, work and life. Frequent travel, restaurant and workshop meals, and late night deadlines may sabotage your efforts to stay fit and healthy, and all contribute to not only that extra weight, but also serious complications resulting from diseases such as stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

Our approach is tailored to help each client achieve their goals in a way that suits his/her lifestyle, to help them feel empowered, know they will get the right help to reach their health goals, and gain education and awareness of how to eat a range of foods without any diet fads, restriction or deprivation.

Are you ready to feel more energized, get lean, eat better, and finally be in control of your own health?

Karen’s Qualifications:

Qualifications: Postgraduate Diploma in Human Nutrition, Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Certificate in Wellness Coaching, and Business Diploma in Human Resources.

Memberships: Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, Nutrition Society of Australia, Nutrition Australia, The Athena Network Singapore, PrimeTime Business and Professional Women’s Association, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners .